Tinel Cooling Water XXX

Tinel Anesthetic and Coolants

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Tinel Anesthetics and Coolants .The best professionals with many years of experience participated in the development of TINEL anesthetic. Product Anesthetics or Coolants 1 box is 10ml or 10g.

Pigment Color
  • 10ml Water XXX
  • 10ml gel INFINITY ICE


Tinel Coolant and Anesthetic

The Tinel company also produces highly effective cooling products of different consistency and texture. The significant cooling effect contributes to the comfortable work of experts. The procedure itself thus becomes more accessible for the customer

Tinel Coolant and Anesthetic


Cooling Water XXX

It is used as a primary and secondary anesthetic. It does not contain lidocaine, therefore it is hypoallergenic. Ideal for permanent make-up of lips and eyebrows. It completely removes feelings of pain, reduces bleeding, removes swelling. It has a liquid consistency.(10ml)

Tinel Coolant and Anesthetic


Cooling gel INFINITY ICE

Only suitable for damaged skin. Ideal for sensitive eyelid and eyebrow skin. Narrows blood vessels, stops blood flow, whitens the skin. It has the consistency of a gel. (10ml

Tinel Coolant and Anesthetic



This cooling cream contains a large amount of anesthetics in a high concentration. They are a guarantee of high efficiency and hypoallergenicity. Intended for mesotherapy, biorevitalization, redermalization, laser and wax epilation, for tattooing and its removal. (10g)

Tinel Coolant and Anesthetic

Product Tinel detail: 1psc 10g or 10ml
Country of origin: Tinel product made in Kazakhstan


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